After returning to South Africa, Gazelle performed at the Red Bull Soundclash, a two-stage contest between them and Die Heuwels Fantasties who, dictated to by a DJ, had to perform various musical tasks and win the approval of the crowd - as measured by the volume of their cheers and screams. “It was an awesome show, a really nice vibe,” says Ferreira. “Not just the people organising it and at the show, but the vibe between the bands. Us and Heuwels really got nice and tight and it was a fun experience to make music together. Plus, it was great to come back from overseas and see how things are moving in South Africa. There is much more appreciation in South Africa than a few years ago - people are actually fans of bands, and the production quality is high and there are more and more promoters and bands, young people who are just getting out there and making the music and the scene.”

Extract from an article by Evan Milton

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