~ Gazelle Press Release 2011 ~

Avant-garde and hypnotic, the sound that is Gazelle transcends simple notions of musical genre. Taking their infamously eclectic sound with them on the next phase of their global music explosion, Gazelle turns traditional African music on its head. By mixing it with a fusion of funk, disco and electro their product is a mix of synth-pop, natural rhythms, and a wicked baseline. Their modern traditional crossover genre they call LIM POP has left a permanent mark on the African music scene. Along with Gazelle’s spectacular stage theatrics and you have the formula for an unforgettable experience.

The ‘Kalahari Safari’ tour saw the band performing at some of the most exclusive and trendy clubs and festivals in Europe: from Printemps de Bourges Festival, Oslolive Festival, Magazini Generali in Milan to Social Club, Neavou Casino and LeBaron in Paris , Cookies in Berlin to Sketch in London, Hive in Zurich, Copenhagen Jazz House, RUST, Sodra Teatern in Stockholm and a host of others. Gazelle have taken their sound around South Africa and beyond, setting the global stage alight. Back on the home front they have been met with critical acclaim, including a nomination at the 2010 MK awards, recent opening performance at the Red Bull World Streestyle and walking away with the championship title at the Red Bull Soundclash 2010.

Recent collaborations has included the Electro Queen Peaches during Smirnoff Global Nightlife Exchange Project where the band was selected to represent South Africa amongst some of the worlds top performing Artists . Another international feature was on Dim Mak’s, Bloody Beetroots first full length album RAMBORAMA, on the track Theolonius (The Voodoo King).
It is with honor that Gazelle has negotiated their first distribution in France of their debut album Chic Afrique with Colette, Paris.
Beyond the music, Gazelle has teamed up with The Inoue Brothers to produce a clothing label for the elite Comme des Garçon Dover Street and a whole collection of the finest international design stores. They have also collaborated with The Japanese Danish duo on a summer collection of knitwear and t-shirts.

Gazelle have been featured in well-reputed media from Italian Rolling Stone magazine, WAD magazine, QUOTATIONS Magazine Japan, TRACKS on Arte, TV5MONDO, RADIO NOVA France and Virus FM in Zurich. From performers to clothing manufacturers, the team has employed the local communities of Cape Town, pushing for sustainable job creation. Empowering underprivileged communities has become something of a passion for the boys, using their good fortune and talent to help others who haven’t been offered the same opportunities and, in turn, giving others the ability to help themselves and those they care for.

Hailing from a small town near the border of Mozambique, Xander Ferreira always knew that his future lay in the world of creative expression, something that he has tirelessly pushed to new limits. Growing up in the thick of political unrest and cultural divergence not only opened his mind, but also his sound, to the diversity and the originality that make Gazelle the enfant terrible of music.

The other half of the dynamic project, Nick Matthews, also known onstage as DJ Invisible, is a musical mad scientist. His mixed beats and experimentation with unfamiliar sounds made him a perfect match for partner of such a progressive group. With a background coming from the heart of the South African dance scene Nick has affirmed his vision of looking at new ways of incorporating an African ethos with electronic music.

Gazelle is more than just a new sound; it is a way of life. From music to theatre, fashion to politics, exploring the world of this group is a trip down the rabbit-hole to a place of the exciting unknown, the daring, and the future.